Applications: 15.10.2020 − 01.12.2020
Submission of entries: 02.12.2020 − 02.02.2021
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For more than 10 years, the UN sustainable development goals have been defining both the international and local agendas for global change for governments, the nonprofit sector, academic institutions, civil society and business - until 2030.

Today it is one of the main guidelines for those who want to create truly useful projects for the development of territories and the people living on it.

Know more about SDG

It is no secret that today most villages and small towns in Russia do not look like places where you can develop yourself. Active young people, potential leaders of change move to cities for education or work, and they never come back. Projects of territory development often lack an essential part — a vibrant, educated and, above all, a local leader.
We assume that those who left their small homeland and moved to a big city, at least once thought about possible changes in their native places. As a part of the Competition, we offer to express these #ideas of changes and get the opportunity to realize them. By submitting a simple application, participants join the consultation program, create a viable project and present it to experts who are involved in the space development.

«Together, we propose to look beyond the year of 2030 and create a development agenda for the territories - cities, towns, settlements and other localities»
Andrey Bystritsky, Chairman of the Valdai club Foundation, Dean of the Faculty of communications, media and design, HSE
Nominations and topics
a presentation describing changes in one or more directions

  1. settlement mission by 2030
  2. community management system
  3. ecology
  4. local communities
  5. infrastructure
  6. economic activity
  7. education
  8. medicine
  9. cultural life, leisure, sports
design project

  1. territory branding
  2. public space design project
  3. design project of social or cultural institution (hospital, school, museum, etc.)
  4. cultural heritage property revolutionary project
  5. concept of a digital product or service for a territory
  6. local mass media concept
artwork about the future of a small town, rural settlement or neighborhood

  1. fiction / journalistic text
  2. comic book
  3. map (static or interactive)
  4. video (up to 3 minutes)
  5. presentation
  6. web page
  7. interactive project (VR / AR / XR, other)
  8. concept art
technology or startup presentation

  1. settlement management
  2. community management
  3. ecology
  4. local communities
  5. infrastructure
  6. construction
  7. safety
  8. economic activity
  9. education
  10. medicine
  11. cultural life, leisure, sports
  12. energy

The prize fund

The winners who will take the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be defined in each nomination and will receive:

#1_Certificates with a face value of 300,000, 200,000 and 100,000 rubles, allowing you to get support in the further development and development of projects based on the HSE.

#2_Recommendation to submit projects on the forums "Tavrida" and "Territory of Meanings".

#3_Recommendation for the submission of projects to the executive authorities of the region.
The purpose of the competition
The faculty of communications, media and design of the Higher school of Economics, the organizing Committee of the Lime international festival of social advertising and the WakeUp project group have joined together to research the development and branding of territories, the work of local communities and to identify leaders of future changes for small towns and rural areas.
Этапы конкурса
13 апреля - 1 июня 2020 года
Conducting consulting webinars for the participants of the Competition
1 июня - 9 июня 2020 года
Creation by participants of the Competition project and uploading to the site
10 июня - 10 августа 2020

The competition Features

1. The Competition allow the participation of citizens of the Russian Federation who have lived on the territory of a small city or a rural settlement for at least five years and have the experience of moving to a large city for work or study.

2. In the framework of the Competition, a town is understood as a city with a population of up to 50 thousand people, mainly employed in industry, service, etc.. A rural settlement means a locality where the majority of its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and have a personal household. A metropolis is a city with a population of more than 50 thousand people.

3. Application submission is organized in electronic form on the Competition website http://future2030.space/ and is accepted no later than the deadline specified in the Regulation.

4. The submitted application is not the subject of the Competition. By submitting an application, participants Express their readiness to submit a properly executed project to the Competition Commission after consultation in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations.

5. Projects previously published in the media, materials from the Internet, materials containing plagiarism, as well as quotes without reference to the authors are not allowed to participate in the Competition. Participants of the Contest are solely responsible for copyright infringement of third parties.

6. During the Competition, the organizing Committee will provide constant organizational and methodological assistance to participants.

7. Information about the Competition, criteria for evaluating Competitive projects, and the composition of the Competition Commission is publicly available and known in advance to all participants.
Высшая школа экономики
Higher School of Economics. Communications, media and design faculty.
Coliving and art residence
Higher School of Economics. Communications, media and design faculty.
Coliving and art residence
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