i help the brave ones to take
a step into the space of change
I research and help to drive social, environmental and technological changes that impact the daily lives of people, companies, communities and industries. These solutions lead to creation of breakthrough innovations, unlocking human potential, driving a culture of new level shifting and changing mindsets.
i help the brave ones to take
a step into the space of change
Sergey Dolgov
Consulting, product development, launch innovations and raising capital
For more than 15 years I have been making projects at intersection of IT, marketing, digital, edtech and raising capital.

I received my higher education at the Moscow Aviation Institute, the British Higher School of Design and the Moscow Humanitarian University, studied and worked in the USA.

I am cofounder of Melnica Park, University for the planet, Evolutionary Develpomeny Goals, author of WONDERONOMY.COM


  • Analytics
    Researches, analytical reports, dashboards and presentations
  • Business growth
    Financial models, investment proposals, teams assembling, development management
  • Ai
    Training, implementing into team's processes, mentoring startups
  • Marketing & PR
    Marketing strategies, assembling communication teams, promotion and public relations
  • UX/UI
    User experience management
  • Product management
    Making strong products
  • Edutainment
    Gamification and Immersive memorable environments that involve people into new behavior scenarios
  • Brand management
    Lovemarks that touch hearts
  • Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D.
    Mr. Sergey Dolgov is a values-based innovation manager and strategic business developer. He has the business acumen obtained through diverse lived experience in corporate contexts that have brought him into direct relation with the challenge of creating value-add innovation acceleration processes. Add to this his deeply human-centered value frame and you have a rare combination of vision and competence which, in the case of Mr. Dolgov, come in the form of a truly wonderful human being. I am happy to endorse Mr. Dolgov to anyone looking for an ethical business partner with these characteristics.
  • Sonya Sokolova
    I had the pleasure of working closely with Sergey in the field of TechEd, and I can confidently say that he is a true marketing visionary. Our collaboration in developing educational products was inspiring and productive. Sergey's passion for education and his sharp intellect were invaluable for our projects. What truly sets Sergey apart is his collaborative nature and reliability. He is an excellent team player. Always opened to share his knowledge, he seeks out useful insights, offers support, and engages in open, constructive dialogue. His positive attitude and excellent communication skills not only fostered teamwork but also created a harmonious and productive working environment. I highly recommend Sergey for any project or role that requires innovation, teamwork, and a deep commitment to project success.
  • Irina Chichmeli

    Customer experience management expert. Certified NPS Associate (Satmetrix).

    Scientific editor of the book “Sincere Loyalty” (MIF), co-author of cases in the book “Financial Services: Reboot” (MIF). Speaker of the course “CCO: Chief Customer Officer”. Author and presenter of the NPS 3.0 training program. Head of Customer Loyalty DepartmentS at Life Financial Group and Russian Standard Bank

    I know Sergei from working together as an initiative, creative and result-oriented colleague. He confidently takes on new directions, develops innovative products and approaches, and at the same time passes on his experience and knowledge to others.
  • Timur Aimaletdinov
    I recommend Sergei, with whom we conducted more than a dozen researches, as an expert and leader who knows how to work with big data and assembles excellent project teams. He is able to create complex analytical solutions - from the moment of developing a brief to the final packaging of a presentation or educational media product based on the results of the research. Sergey is always aware of the data science latest trends, actively uses Ai/ML and knows how to find non-standard solutions to assigned problems. You can be confident that the work will be completed to a high standard. I am sure that Sergey will be a valuable asset to any company looking for an experienced and qualified analyst.
  • Tony Spaeth

    Founder of Identity Works

    Sergey has many talents. I found him to be a resourceful, creative and enthusiatic colleague, a pleasure to be with and to work with.
  • Sergey Yanovsky

    Founder of Flo Health

    I worked with Sergey Dolgov at SocialCraft, a trailblazing agency in the social media advertising realm. Sergey, as the Director of Development, was not only my boss but also a mentor and a substantial figure in shaping the marketing landscape in Russia. Sergey’s foresight and expertise in marketing led SocialCraft to dominate the social media space when it was still emerging. His strategic leadership brought in numerous businesses, won significant pitches, and created impactful marketing campaigns for diverse sectors like FMCG and consumer electronics. Beyond his professional achievements, Sergey’s dedication to education is admirable. He taught a course on advertising and was a curator at the Higher School of Economics, where I was fortunate to learn from him. His guidance and support have been influential in my career. Sergey’s unparalleled professional skills, combined with his commitment to mentorship, make him a remarkable asset to the marketing industry. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his expertise, leadership, and visionary approach to marketing.
  • Igor Kim
    Sergey is is a brilliant marketer with a deep understanding of different industries. He do impressive research and after that represent clear understanding of the target audience. Sergey always go the "extra mile" to find insights, real needs and even potential pains of customers. Sergey design creative, lead-generative and effective marketing strategies with his teams.
  • Oksana Selendeeva

    Founder of CODDY

    I wholeheartedly recommend Sergey for any position in the international startup landscape. His exceptional skills in fostering team collaboration, strategic planning, driving innovation and achieving ambitious goals truly set him apart. Sergey not only has a strategic mindset, but also excels at putting strategy into practice. He has a remarkable ability to translate theoretical concepts into practical solutions, which is a rare and valuable quality. What makes Sergey a particularly valuable asset to any company is his gift for catalyzing breakthroughs. Not only is he able to navigate unfamiliar territory, but he is also very comfortable in it. His forward thinking and fearless pursuit of innovative solutions can take companies to new heights and open up previously unexplored avenues of growth. To summarize, Sergey is a visionary with the ability to execute - a rare combination that makes him an invaluable asset to any company looking to change or innovate in their industry. His contributions go beyond routine tasks and have the potential to propel a company towards its most ambitious goals.
  • Daniel Kozlov
    I have worked together with Sergey as he was building the educational programs for University of the Planet and also researching and creating the direction and approach on the AI curriculum. Sergey has not only the depth of knowledge on everything AI related, but is also a very talented in building educational products. Having been in education for over a decade I found myself learning a number of things from working with him. Highly recommend him for anything AI and/or education realted.
  • Yuri Vlasov
    Sergey has a strong attitude to making changes for good, is a great communicator, and is a community developer. I had the privilege to cooperate with Sergey on a farmers' zero-waste self-sustainable community project and was impressed with his ability to handle so many different stakeholders keeping the project at a high pace!
  • Evgenii Bushuev
    Sergey developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and website design that accurately reflected our company's vision and values. The branding was bold and memorable, and the website was user-friendly and informative. Sergey is real professional with a bright creative vision and a commitment to excellence.
  • Dmitry Molodyanov

    Founder of Aquatoria Group

    I highly recommend Sergey for any financial modeling position. I had the pleasure of working with him on a business project for our investment presentation of new retail company. Sergey accurately analyzed market and reflected the company's strengths and opportunities. The model was well-organized and easy to understand, and it provided us with a clear vision of the company's financial prospects. Sergey was always responsive to our questions and feedback. I have no doubt that he would be an asset to any company. He is a highly skilled financial modeler with a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence.
  • Denis Markov

    Senior Developers Relations specialist of InDriver

    Passion + Mission + Traction = it's about Sergey and his work style!
  • Alexey Anikin

    Marketing at MediaCell

    Sergey is an amazing and rare specialist who not only knows how a business can use various social elevators (people, business, technology, territories, etc.), but can also clearly explain both the principles and benefits of such interactions. What makes cooperation with him and his team as comfortable as possible, and the resulting strategies as breakthrough as possible. This is what is so needed in the modern world, and is especially relevant for business. I recommend him as a highly qualified specialist, in whom I have never doubted.
  • Konstantin Bocharsky

    Founder at Pressfeed

    Sergey is amazing at promoting companies, giving birth to new meanings, creating mind-blowing integrated communications strategies and inspiring the team! He is strong in marketing, creativity, strategic vision and execution.
  • Pavel Zykov
    We've been working with Sergey in Domclick where he showed himself as experienced and productive manager with structured mind and ability to involve crew into decision of complex and challenging tasks with overall illumination. I recommend Sergey as creative leader for teams who build global ecosystems or face market call for transformation, fundamentally new approaches and products
  • Pavel Zykov


    Sergey is one of those people persons who loves sharing ideas and challenging them to reveal their profound meaning. You can’t get better "fuel" for your marketing campaign than Sergey. His superb ability to create engaging stories and foster community growth is an advantage that has been proven so many times in practice.
  • Katrin Yakubovskaya
    I recommend Sergey as highly qualified project leader who can involve team into collaborative making of market breaking products. He is experienced and attentive, having creative and strategic mind. His ideas can give a mighty push both to the product development and community management.
  • Nikolaj Kotov

    MARKETING DIRECTOR Algorithmics Global

    Sergey is one of the most creative, talent and hard-working professional I have ever known. He is a very communicative and self-motivated person. I could recommend him to a company, that is looking for a leader in the creative, marketing or advertising sphere
  • Alexandra Bartel

    FOUNDER OF PPF Real Estate

    I am very impressed by Sergei's individual approach to the client. In each project, he tries to first immerse himself in the topic, and not just work out a template solution. I like the “feeling” with which he penetrates the process itself and carefully guides the participants in the right direction. It's always a pleasure to work with professionals and interesting people like Sergey! It's a thrill)
  • Yulia Perpelyuk
    Sergey organized for us a strategic game “Economy of Impressions”, the goal of which is to find as many hidden insights and non-trivial solutions for the development of the facility as possible, as well as strengthen the team spirit. Subsequently, we worked with Sergey on the project of the strategic session “Tomorrow Land”, where we determined for ourselves the key development goals of our company. I immediately noted the highest level of preparation for the strategic session, from clearly defined and adhered to timing, creation of an exclusive legend for us and presentation, moderation, logical visual materials that were ideally suited to the specific tasks our teams were working on.
    It is very important for our company that the level of intelligence and emotional state of the moderator/business coach coincides with ours, and this task, to put it mildly, is not an easy one, because our company is constantly learning and is quite sophisticated in terms of choosing who will drive us for new exploits. In the course of cooperation with Sergei, I can say that this was a 100% hit. If you need to sort everything out, document agreements, and do it effectively, call Sergei
  • Sergey Egorov
    Sergey provided outstanding consulting to our group of companies, showing the highest level of understanding of the latest trends, our business, the intricacies of management issues and the needs of our clients and stakeholders. Thanks to him, we were able to develop a strategy that began to produce results in the first months of implementation. I recommend Sergey to anyone who wants to make a breakthrough, inspire their team and partners to achieve significant goals, and ultimately overcome serious challenges and become a leader in their segment.
  • Roman Efimov


    We've been working with Sergey at Life Financial Group, where we collaborated with him on implementing innovations into consortium processes. As a leader, he was always knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest trends, educating his team, proactively highlighting strong features, and helping each member reach their full potential. Sergey inspired us to consistently refine processes, prioritize customer needs, develop high-quality products, and create impactful communication campaigns that ultimately boosted profits for all companies within the Group